Everlux-RL - Reflecto-Luminescent Signs
There are many situations where there is movement of both people and vehicles at the same time and at the same place – in car parks, warehouses, mines, etc. – and therefore there is a need for the information conveyed by the safety signs to be understood by all the parties involved and in all circumstances i.e.: Pedestrians; Drivers of vehicles; Circumstances where vehicles are moving, with lights on, and pedestrians are present.

Everlux RL – Reflecto-luminescent signs are a new product at a global level with the advantage of combining two concepts in signs: The photoluminescent sign and the retro-reflective sign.

This sign system also performs a double function:
- The presence of external light from the vehicles allows it to react as a retro-reflective product, i.e., the light is reflected back in the same direction it came from allowing the total visibility of the object (a characteristic already used in traffic signs).
- In total absence of light it acts as a photoluminescent product having absorbed the luminous radiation while exposed to the surrounding light (or light from vehicles) and in a black-out situation the signs will remain visible for a period greater than 340 minutes which is the minimum period required by Norms.