Everlux - Egress Path Markings
The Everlux UL 1994 Listed Egress Path Markings include directional exit signs, door hardware markings, no exit signs, floor identification signs and strips for wall and floor applications. This Floor Proximity Egress Path Marking System follows the requirements of several Building Codes, namely the 2014 New York City Building Code.

For complete technical information please download the respective Technical Data Sheet from the Downloads page.
Egress Path Marking Strips for Wall Applications - UL 1994 Listed
Egress Path Marking Strips for Floor Applications - UL 1994 Listed
Non-Slip Self-Adhesive "L`s" for Step Marking - UL 1994 Listed
Egress Path Marking Aluminium Strips for Applications on Uneven Floors - UL 1994 Listed
Stairnosing - UL 1994 Listed
Photoluminescent Path and Obstacle Marking Rolls - UL 1994 Listed
NOT AN EXIT Sign - UL 1994 Listed
Floor Identification Signs - UL 1994 Listed