Everlux RL

Reflecto-Luminescent Signs

There are many situations where there is movement of both people and vehicles at the same time and at the same place – in car parks, warehouses, mines, etc. – and therefore there is a need for the information conveyed by the safety signs to be understood by all the parties involved and in all circumstances i.e.:
  • Pedestrians;
  • Drivers of vehicles;
  • Circumstances where vehicles are moving, with lights on, and pedestrians are present.

Everlux RL – Reflecto-luminescent signs are a new product at a global level with the advantage of combining two concepts in signs:
The photoluminescent sign and the retro-reflective sign.

This sign system also performs a double function:
  • The presence of external light from the vehicles allows it to react as a retro-reflective product, i.e., the light is reflected back in the same direction it came from allowing the total visibility of the object (a characteristic already used in traffic signs).

  • In total absence of light it acts as a photoluminescent product having absorbed the luminous radiation while exposed to the surrounding light (or light from vehicles) and in a black-out situation the signs will remain visible for a period greater than 340 minutes which is the minimum period required by Norms.
Everlux RL is manufactured with an innovative generation of photoluminescent pigments especially developed for situations where the surrounding light is diminished.
These signs are also ideal for situations where the fire and rescue service need to locate risers or hydrants thereby enabling these to be located rapidly, either by the fire engine lights or head torch lights.

The retroreflective sheeting used in Everlux RL products meet the coefficient values of retroreflective products as specified by ASTM D4956.
The minimum performance requirements for a Type I (a) retroreflective sheeting color "White” and the Minimum Coefficient of Retroreflection (RA) for the Everlux-RL are as follows:

Minimum Performance Requirements for a Type I Retroreflective Sheeting Color "White”
Observation AngleASTM D4956
Entrance Angle- 4º
Minimum Coefficient of Retroreflection
RA (cd • lux-1 • m-2)

(a) According to ASTM D4956 a retroreflective sheeting Type I is a retroreflective sheeting referred to as "engineering grade” that is typically an enclosed lens glass-bead sheeting. Applications for this material include permanent highway signing, construction zone devices, and delineators.

Minimum Reflectiveness Parameters Everlux-RL
RA (cd • lux-1 • m-2) 0.2º; -4º