What is Photoluminescent?

Photoluminescence is the discharge of an electromagnetic radiation (Photons) of a material after being submitted to a luminous excitation.

The photoluminescent substances, when subject to ultraviolet radiation transmit visible light through a phenomenon of atomic excitation, that being excited by ultraviolet radiation gather energy that they release through time under the shape of a visible light until all the atoms go back to their fundamental state.

The excitation of the photoluminescent security system is then a pre-requirement for the emission of luminescence. On the other hand, the light intensity emitted by the photoluminescent surface depends on the quantity of energy that the product was able to absorb (depending on the time of the UV radiation and energy, the wavelength and the frequency of the radiation) i.e. it depends on the time of exposure to the surrounding light and to the type of light used in its stimulation.

The effectiveness / impact of the type of the stimulation light of photoluminescent (phosphorescent) products
Source of stimulation light (type of lamp) UL1994UL924 Listed

Fluorescent (neutral white 4000K)         

Fluorescent (warm white 3000K)           

Fluorescent (daylight - 6500K)              

LED1 (warm white, 3000K)

LED (cool white - 5000K)

Tests conducted with a stimulation of 25 lux for 15 minutes

Legend Effectiveness  High  Medium  Low

(1) LED – A light-emiting diode (LED) is a semiconductor light source 

What are photoluminescent safety signs and why should they be photoluminescent?

Photoluminescent safety signs are signs that have a resin covering with photoluminescent substances in its composition.
The photoluminescent sign has the purpose of effectively transmitting the message for which it was manufactured, i.e. to show alarm equipment, fire equipment, safety equipment, etc.). It also shows escape routes (exits, doors, etc.), the dangers, the obligations or the prohibitions, guaranteeing total understanding, even in blackout situations.
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